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Q: Real piano vs. Digital piano?
A: There is a wonderful article here to  explaining the differences between both. Please read this!

Q: Where can I buy a piano?
A: There are many places to start looking for a piano. Local music stores, ads in the paper, ebay, and craigslist are all popular places to to look for a piano. However, have you ever thought about buying a piano on a recommendation from a reputable piano tuner? This is a great way to buy a used piano! I know a couple of steinway-certified piano technicians who buy pianos and rebuild them. Buying a properly rebuilt piano is an excellent way to get a quality instrument at a huge savings. Unlike a used vehicle, a used piano can last a lifetime. My Baldwin grand at home is 99 years old. It has been rebuilt and it plays beautifully! My Yamaha C7 is from 1973 and plays like new. If you are interested in pursuing this method of purchasing a piano, let me know and I will give you a couple of names and numbers. And, just an fyi, I do not receive any compensation from the technicians I recommend. I only recommend them because I know their work is of the highest quality.

By the way, if you decide to purchase a used piano from the first ways I mentioned, such as newspaper ads, please pay a technician to check the piano out for you before you purchase it. A technician can tell you the true condition of the inside of that piano.

Q: What makes of pianos do you recommend?
A: My favorites, in no particular order, are Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Steinway (of course!), Boston, Baldwin, and some Kawai pianos. If you are purchasing an upright piano I would STRONGLY recommend a Yamaha U-1. Remember, a truly great piano is an investment. A grand piano of the makes listed above is not cheap.

Q: What makes of pianos would you avoid?
A: Hyundai, Young Chang, Kimball, and many others. Don’t be fooled by the shiny finish! Cheap pianos break often, sound bad, feel bad, and do not retain their value. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Q: How do you charge?
A: Monthly

Q: Who buys the music?
A: The teacher purchases the music and the student reimburses the teacher when invoiced.

Q: What are your studio policies?
A: Contact me and request a policy form. I will email it to you right away.

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