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For Concert Level of study this class is optional. For Olympic Level of study it is required.

What Happens in a Master Class?

Master Classes are group lessons in which students perform for each other. At each class your son/daughter will perform one piece from memory in front of the class. At the conclusion of their piece the instructor and other students will offer their thoughts and ideas, all in a constructive manner.

I will also discuss group topics, such as how to cope with your nerves, performance techniques, presentation, and how to give constructive criticism.

If there is any extra time after performing we will do activities such as rhythm exercises, listening activities, music games, and ear training.

When are master classes?

I will be conducting master classes on the first Monday of each month, with the exception of the month of March. In March it will be on the second Monday.

How long is a master class?

For beginners it will be 45 minutes. For intermediates and advanced it will be one hour.

What time is the class?

There are 3 classes: 4:30pm, 5:30pm, & 6:30pm. I will attempt to group the kids in age/level/ability. However, beginners can play in an intermediate/advanced class, and vice versa.

How many people in a class?

Up to eight people.

Why should my son/daughter sign up for the master class?

Working in a group setting offers children an opportunity that cannot be had in a private lesson.

They enjoy performing for each other and listening to one another.

They learn many performance techniques from me and each other.

It gives them a monthly goal: If they know they have to play a piece memorized in front of their peers they have a strong incentive to practice.

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